Whatever Happened To OneSquaredStudios?

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Whatever Happened To OneSquaredStudios?

Whatever Happened To OneSquaredStudios?

If you’ve asked yourselves that, then we’ve somehow managed to stay in your mind while we’ve been out of sight over the last few months. (and that would be a miracle in this modern instant gratification society)

But more than likely when we stopped posting…you stopped remembering there were even posts…and just like Kaiser Soze…


We were gone.

This was due to the comic book gods looked down upon us and threw 3 pretty good sized obstacles in-between us and our posting schedule.

  • 1st? Dave Davies’ (Co-Creator and Artistic Director) mac had a meltdown. This resulted in us losing finished art for Serial Saint (formerly Demon Call), 2 issues of Cajun Banzai, character sketches, pinup art, etc. (not to mention all of Dave’s personal info/images that were on there–it seems like a nightmare!) Dave had to start by putting his own files back together (he is a teacher of the youths after all!) before getting back into REPEATING hours of work for OSS. 

  • 2nd?  I was going to step-up the comic book game from my end. We were going to crank out 2 more installments of “The Cauldron” and alternate that with “The Cradle”. I had also secured an artist to continue the “Chronicles of a #8”. This is exactly why last year I adopted the mantra “always have inventory”—back up stories that could run at a moments noticeWhen it happened to me.  That’s correct…my external hard drive…the drive that holds all of our raw and completed OSS comics also ceased to function. Yup—all of our finished art? Gone. All future scripts? Gone. All of our word fonts? Gone. All of our custom word balloons? You get the picture…we lost it all in the unforgettable dual fire of 2014.

Who knew huh? Same problem…two places. This modern world does provide us with a tremendous number of option for file storage, but two dudes in there 30’s just didn’t choose to utilize them. After spending most of the last 3 weeks trying to cobble together all of the files I could. (via emails, Dropbox, Onedrive, my 2 laptops and the god send that is this site.) I’ve managed to recover all of our published work (huzzah!), and a handful of rough scripts. But we are currently far from “healthy”.

Please bear with us…we are going to be back and up b y March…we’ll have new issues of The Cradle, Serial Saint, Cajun Banzai (seriously…we have 5 installments of CB on the can!) and Dirk Spear Season 2 (which Aaron is delayed on because of a positive, not a negative. We’ll share more on that when we can!  

Here is the promise…our next public appearance is March 13th at Planet ComicCon where we will be reveal a new banner, host a few panels, and talk with the public about our NEWLY posted comics. All the hardships be damned…we’ll be back in the game with a vengeance by March…you have our word! Until then?

Don’t stop dreaming!

Ryan, Dave, and the OSS team! 

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