The State U. Red Dogs #2

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The State U. Red Dogs #2

The State U. Red Dogs
Art Review
Jason W. Gavin


Wild Dog
Private Commission

Penciled & Inked by Nicola Scott

Commissioned 27-Apr-2014


Hello! Here’s a fairly recent commission. I purchased this Wild Dog at the 2014 C2E2 show in Chicago. The artist that I “bothered” with my Wild Dog request was Nicola Scott (Teen Titans/Superman/Earth 2). I will be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to going to C2E2 this year, but when I saw that Nicola was going to make a rare stateside appearance (she is from Australia) I immediately started my research online to see how I could get a commission from her. I was able to make contact and she said that she would put me on her list and would work on it at the show.

I went to Nicola’s table immediately on the first day of C2E2, she said that it would not be done the first day because she had another person who was only at the con on Friday so she needed to get their commission done. I was ok with that. I started to get out my run of Earth 2 comics for her to sign. As I was getting my comics ready, a female fan came up and shouted to Nicola, “Thanks for drawing Nightwing’s amazing ass!” I laughed at first, the comment caught me off guard, but then I thought, good for her. For years, the male fans have drooled over top-heavy Amazonian women, so why can’t the female fans have tight buns on Nightwing? In case you have not seen those buns here is Nicola’s interpretation:

I love Nicola’s ability to draw realistic men, they are not overly muscled “supermen.” The Wild Dog that she drew looks like he could have been a college athlete who followed up with a couple of tours in the army. He is not exaggerated with muscles on top of muscles. The realism is what really draws me to this piece. She pays attention to the details, notice the straps on every one of his belt pouches and the buckles on the gun holsters. Amazing! Enjoy the piece. I do. (I bet Wild Dog has a better ass than Nightwing!)

Thank you Nicola Scott for one of my favorite commissions! I am sure it will be up on the Wild Dog Wall soon.

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