The State U. Red Dogs #1

The State U. Red Dogs #1

The State U. Red Dogs
Art Review
Jason W. Gavin

Welcome everyone to the first of what I hope will be many blog entries where I will look at and review some artwork from my collection. You may know me from my “Wild” collection on Comic Art Fans.

I am the Wild Dog Guy.

I am the guy who contacts Art Adams, Tony Moore, George Perez, and other great comic artists, asking them to draw a DC Comics character who first appeared in 1987. Wild Dog was a 4-issue mini-series then a one-shot and lastly he was one of the features in Action Comics when it went to a weekly format back in 1988. Since then the character has had only a handful of appearances. (Including his gruesome pre-52 death on a mission with Hawkman & Green Arrow)

When I ask an artist to draw Wild Dog, I get one of two reactions—“Who the hell is this?” or “I remember him!”—But, no matter what the reaction is initially, artists tell me they enjoy drawing him.

So…What is the point of this blog?

Primarily to just share my love of collecting comic book art and sketches and commissions from all of the great artists who are out there working for your enjoyment! I’ll share the stories of getting some of my most treasured pieces of art. (the who, what, when, where, and whys!)

Full disclosure, my collection has a bias towards Wild Dog, I do have other commissions and advertisements from the old comics (many of which are works of art themselves!) that will be featured here–bear in mind—all of this art is pen, ink and pulp—and i’m lucky enough to own them! Now on to the art feature!  


Jason W Gavin
Private Commission
Penciled & Inked by Chris Giarrusso
Commissioned 2010

To start, I have a commission of…myself.

Back in March of 2010, I backed my very first Kickstarter project, Reading with Pictures. I chose the reward to become a character in a story drawn by Chris Giarrusso. I was cast as a teacher in the story that was entitled Reign of the Robo-Teachers. After I saw the pages from the story, I asked Chris if I could get a commission of my character as a pin-up, this is what he came up with. I mean some superheroes think that a bat strikes fear into evil-doers, I think a flock of ducks works just as well.


 Thank you for checking out my first blog here, we hope you come back again and check out more artwork and stories from conventions! Also, remember to go back and read all the amazing comics at One Squared Studios!

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Stay Wild! Jason


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