Kalamazoo! And our progress so far.

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Kalamazoo! And our progress so far.

What a week!

Hello my lovely OneSquaredStudios.com friends! We have just returned from a great weekend in Kalamazoo MI (it’s ok to shout KALAMAZOOOOO! when you read that–I do.) What we doing there you might ask? We were reaching out to the MI Horror scene via the Freaks n’ Geeks Horrorfest. It was a great time, and I really got a chance to meet folks and make some terrific new friends. A few of the show highlights are, having coffee with Sid Haig, Bob Elmore (Leatherface–yeah the Leatherface) seeing our banner and coming over to check us out, he’ll as actually a very cool/nice guy—despite having been you know, a screen slasher.

But the real highlight was being adopted by my new Michigan family,Cortney, Glenn, Mazzy, and my brand new sidekick Silas “the Boy Wonderful”. (his self appointed name–but it seems to suit him.) They helped me keep my table open (Silas got pretty good at the “OSS Pitch”) and the even took me out to my first “Hobbit Themed” pizza place, Bilibo’s! Great times, fun memories, Silas even won the “Cajun Banzai” plush doll (no it was not a fix!). The image I attached is a hand drawn button and note of appreciation for our stories, thanks Mazzy!

We have just posted a new installment of “Demon Call’, so check it out, and feel free to give us feedback in the forum section or contact us directly at our emails in the contact us section, we want to here from you all!

Which brings me to the next item I’d like to share, and that’s our progress. Less than 2 months ago this site didn’t exist, now we have 6 posted Segments, and have reached 20 countries with our stories! No joke. Dirk is gaining momentum in Russia as I type! 

Thank you all for coming back and reading, we hope that these characters will continue to engage you through Season 1 and beyond!

Stay Strong & Read On


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