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We've just the 2nd Season of titles, expanding from 4 to 6, so it's a great time to become a "Square"!

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Ryan Morrow

Content Director



In 1982, on a scorching summer afternoon, a 5 year old Ryan Morrow parted ways with the astronomical sum of $1.75 in exchange for a Marvel Illustrated Books edition of the “Origin of the Vision”---and his life was changed.

As the Content Director and Writer here at Ryan has been a driving force in the website’s unique use of digital story telling. Although Ryan’s work is primarily with the OSS’ Artistic Director Dave Davies (Cajun Banzai & Serial Saint) and Senior Contributing Artist Aaron Allen (Dirk Spear’s Adventure Squad & The Cradle) the second season is expanding to include the likes of John Bivens and Ryan Cody just to name a few of the talented folks listed below.

Ryan also moonlights writing a column reviewing digital comics called "The Wide World of Webcomics" at

Ryan lives in Iowa City IA with his lovely wife Lauren and their trusty sidekicks Jimmy and Aurora.


In the year 2000 I graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Hunter College. Aspiring to be a famous painter, I found inspiration in comics instead. Inspired by the great Dave McKean, it was Arkham Asylum that changed my life, showing me that fine art and comics mix, and do so well.

Dave is co-creator of Demon Call and Cajun Banzai---2 of our "core" titles as well as being the guiding hand of our overall visual flavor.

In addition to being the artistic voice of One Squared studios Dave resides in Connecticut where he teaches art.

Dave Davies - Artistic Director/Co-Publisher

Barth Donald - Director of Media Technologies





Hailing from Muscatine, IA; Barth is the the man under the hood on the website. Not only is he the chief web developer but he is the cousin of Ryan. We're not only bringing you high quality web comics but we're bringing family together here folks.

Barth and his wife and son reside in Muscatine, IA.

Barth also runs Web563, a web design and Internet Marketing company, so if you've got a web design project you're interested in drop him a line and we'll see what you got.

Brian graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.A. in English, Communication Studies minor and still resides in that area. His short plays have been featured in several play festivals in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area.

His writing will also be seen in Greyhaven's Paranormal Romance anthology to be produced in Spring '14 with the short story, "My Grandpa, Victor the Vampire"

Brian has been working behind the scenes at One Squared Studios as an Associate Editor on OSS' varied titles. He is also a writer, working on a story for OSS to be announced soon for Season 2.

He is excited to be working with this up and coming company in this dynamic storytelling medium and hopes that you will jump on board for the ride!

Brian Tanner - Associate Editor/Writer

Genevieve Heinrich
- Associate Editor

Genevieve is the captain of the good ship "Well, actually..." She thinks editing is a fever dream of awesomeness, because it's lovely to have a use for her skills that will cause people to thank (instead of loathe) her. She also edits & (occasionally writes content) at the Iowa Theatre Blog  and VoiceBox Poetry  and she is a founding editor of the local poetry magazine Weird Cookies 

She has a B.A. in English from the University of Iowa, and earns the money that she spends on comics as a Title Abstractor. Ever since she learned that it was out of need for money when she was born that her mother sold her own comic book collection, she has been trying to atone for that travesty. The first time she remembers feeling the rush of collecting was with the Gehenna Stone Affair arc of Wolverine. Her fondest memories of her early 20s involve working at comic book shops in her home state of New Jersey (apologies to her boyfriend at the time, but it's true).

Genevieve enjoys writing about herself, and will no doubt have a text block that utterly overshadows whatever picture she chooses to submit. She's pretty sure this isn't on purpose. She lives in Iowa City. She gives poorly edited publications fewer stars on Goodreads

Aaron is a Saint Louis-based comic book artist who's been drawing since he was 5. His professional career began illustrating John Sparger's "Stories from the Asphalt".

Aaron's work encompasses a wide range of projects, including: sequential art, t-shirts, comic strips, poster design, children's books, theater posters, and theater logos, just to name a few.

Aaron is the co-creator of Dirk Spear's Adventure Squad!, and will be taking on art duties for a super-secret title debuting in Season 2!

Aaron Allen - Co-Creator

Senior Contributing Artist

John Bivens - Contributing Artist

John Bivens is a comic book creator (mainly an illustrator) from Illinois.  He has worked on projects such as COMIC BOOK TATTOO, POPGUN volume 4, READING WITH PICTURES, SPLIT LIP volumes 1 & 2, OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS #3, and competed various times in DC Comics ZUDA initiative.

Born and raised in Downers Grove, IL, Andrew was exposed to art at a young age. His first public exhibit was at the age of 7, at a Chicago bookstore, after having drawn fan art for a children's book. Honing his skills on comic book art, Andrew developed a dynamic style and flair, which he uses daily in his work as a Storyboard Illustrator and Art Director at a major advertising company.

He and his wife reside in Forest Park, IL. You can checkout Andrew's assorted work at the links below.


(water colors)

And follow the progress of his other comic project Past Tense

Andrew Day - Contributing Artist

Ron Brennan

Public Relations/

Associate Editor

Ron Brennan has read more comics than everyone on this list of contributors combined, he also has the insane ability to have watched every TV program (currently airing or not) twice, attend opening night of literally 85% of all feature films, and read actual "Books" at a clip of easily 1 a week annually, and still finds time to go to the gym 4-5 times a week.

He manages to do all of this AND still be the Public Relations Liaison/and Management Consultant for

So...what's your excuse for being "behind schedule"?

Mac Radwanski is a Citizen of the great nation of Poland and has served as penciler for such titles as “Runners” & “Jamestown” to name a few.

Mac provided pencil work to "A Strange Young Man" and will be joining the art team on "Demon Call" for the second half of Season 1.


Mac Radwanski

Contributing Artist

Ryan Cody

Contributing Artist

Ryan Cody is a comic book artist & writer based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Current work includes co-creating and illustrating Monstrous for Dark Horse, and illustrating Doc Unknown, a pulp adventure series. He is also the artist on the 2nd volume of the hit web-comic, Jesus Christ: In the Name of The Gun. He has previously illustrated the critically acclaimed Graphic Novel VILLAINS for Viper Comics, which was recently optioned by Universal Studios. He has also contributed sketch covers for the HERO Inititiative. Other work includes contributing a story to POPGUN Vol.3 (Image Comics)which won an Eisner in 2010.

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