Delays…a sad reality in comics!

Delays…a sad reality in comics!

I’m just going to open with an apology, we’re sorry Cajun Banzai has been delayed more than once already.

The reality of a delay in comics is something that any fan of the medium has endured. Before starting this endeavor I would wonder why? Why would a delay happen? How could you not want to get the work done and out there? Now that I’m on this side of the coin it is far more evident that the real reason delays happen—is life.

Life sometimes just gets in the way (or rather comics are getting into the way of our daily lives?) and the work just falls to the side–as it should really. When something happens in your personal life–you have to address it–you have to deal with it–and being able to do that is one of the real perks to being your own boss. I can make the choice to do that–to take the time to get well before moving forward. That’s really what we all want right? The ability to take the time to get it right?

Sadly—that means that fans of the site suffer the wait for new material. (specifically Cajun Banzai this time) I’ve seen the proofs for the next segment—they are strikingly beautiful (hope that’s not salt in the wound?) and will propel the story forward into the next chapter/twist on Jean-Baptiste’s horizon. But that’s exactly why we needed to wait–we don’t want to put it out there and not have pride in it you know? I’ve also seen the raw pencils for the next 3-4 segments after that–all of it is worth the wait–please trust me!

That said–their will be other delays–Demon Call is going to be a bit behind in the near future as well. Again, the work needs to be up to snuff–we need it to be “right”. I’ve likewise seen the raw pencils for segments of it—and I assure you that we’ll start getting things together in Spring with a more regular frequency.

In the meantime though we will be re-posting re-mastered versions of the Demon Call Prologue, and the Cajun Banzai opener (starting this weekend!). It’s not new material–but it’s improved material–and that’s a good thing right? And if we take a little extra time to create the next segment–we ensure that “re-mastering” becomes a thing of the past at OneSquaredStudios—and moving forward is always a good thing!

Stay Strong & Read On!


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