Delays…a sad reality in comics!

Delays…a sad reality in comics!

I’m just going to open with an apology, we’re sorry Cajun Banzai has been delayed more than once already. The reality of a delay in comics is something that any fan of the medium has endured. Before starting this endeavor I would wonder why? Why would a delay happen? How could you not want to […]

Happy New Year!! 2014 is going to start with a bang!

How have you all been? We hope that you answered the above question with a resounding “Great”! But if not we here at OSS can relate. We had a rough end to the year ourselves (I personally have this crazy eye thing going on that’s too gross to type up here!) So that said–our hiatus […]


Inspiration in the eye of the storm.   The final major series we are debuting this Fall is, well, it’s my favorite. I know I should love all of OneSquaredStudios’ creations equally, but for the life of me, I just can’t. “Cajun Banzai” resonates in a way with me that the others don’t. I think […]